List Of Equipment Required For Laboratory

Description Quantity
Electronic balance 10kg capacity semi-self indicating type – Accuracy 1gm 1No
Mechanical balance 10kg capacity semi-self indicating type – Accuracy 1gm 1No
Electronic balance 500 gin capacity – Accuracy 0.01 gm 1No
Mechanical (semi-self indicating) balance 500 gm capacity – Accuracy 0.01 gin 1No
Chemical balance (electronic) 100gm capacity Accuracy 0.001 gm 1No
Pan balance 5kg capacity- Accuracy 0.5gm. 3No
Platform scale 300kg capacity 1No
Triple beam balance 25 kg capacity Accuracy I gm 2No
Oven – Electrically operated, thermostatically controlled (including thermometer), stainless steel interior, Temperature range ambient to 300°C, Sensitivity 1°C, capacity 120 Liter. 1No
Oven – Electrically operated, thermostatically controlled (including thermometer), stainless steel interior, Temperature range ambient to 1500 C, Sensitivity 1° C, capacity 250 Liter. 1No
Test sieve set 450mm internal diameter as per IS complete with lid and pan of hole size75mm, 65mm, 53mm, 45mm, 40mm, 37.5mm, 26.5mm, 22.40mm, 19mm, 13.2mm, 12.50mm, 11.20mm, 10mm, 9.5mm, 5.6mm, 6.7mm, and 4.75mm. 2 Sets
Test sieve set 200mm internal diameter (brass frame and steel / or brass wire cloth mesh) as per IS complete with lid and pan of aperture brass wire cloth mesh) as per IS complete with lid andpanofaperturesizes2.SOmm, 2.36mm, 2mm, 1.18mm, 850micron, 600micron, 425micron, 450.micron, 3ssmicron, 300micron, 1 80micron, l50micron, 9omicron and 75micron. 2 Sets
Sieve shaker capable of taking 200mm and 450mm diameter sieves-electrically operated with time switch assembly 1No
200 Tones compression testing machine electric cum manually operated fitted with thee gauges 0-2000 KN – IOKN,0-1000KN – 5KN and 0-500KN – 2KN 1No
Stop watches 1/5 see Accuracy 2No
Glassware compressing beakers, Pipette, dishes, measuring cylinders (100 to 1000cc capacity) glass rods, funnels and glass thermometers range 0°C to 1000 C and metallic thermometers range up to 300°C. 1 Dozen
Hot plates 200mm diameter (lSOOwatt.) 6No
Enamel trays 600mm x 450mm x 50mm 6No
Enamel trays 450mm x 300mm x 40mm 6No
Enamel trays 300mm x 250mm x 40mm 6No
Enamel Circular plates of 250 mm diameter 6No
Riffle box of slot size 50mm as per ASTM C -136 1No
Spatula set of 100 and 200 long 3 Set
Water testing kit 1 Set
First aidbox 1 Set
Liquid limit device with Casagrande and grooving tools as per IS-2720 2No
Single point Liquid Limit device 1No
Moisture content cans 50 No
Ground glass plated with rounded edges 600mm x 600mm x 10mm for plastic limit 2No
High speed stirrer 1No
Soil hydrometer set including jar to ASTM El00 and C422 1 Set
Sampling pipettes fitted with pressure and suction inlets. 10ml.Capacity 1 Set
Compaction apparatus (Light) to the requirements of IS-T99 complete with collar base plate & 2.5kg rammer (Automatic with counter). 1No
Compaction apparatus (heavy) to the requirements of IS-TI 80 complete with collar

base plate & 4.5kg rammer (automatic with counter).

Sand pouring cylinder (150mm). With conical funnel and top and base plate (withl S2mmdiameter of sand cone) to the requirements of ASTM D 1556 4 Sets
Sampling tins with lids l00mmdianieter of sand cone) to the requirements of ASTMD 1556 x 75mniht.l/2kg capacity 30Nos
Floor mounted electro — mechanical load frame S tone capacity with automatic strain control 1No
CBR moulds complete with collar, base plate etc. 18Nos
Swell stands for holding dial gauge 9Nos
CBR plunger with penetration dial gauge holder 1No
Surcharge weight with central hole of 2kg. weight 40 Nos
Spacer disc with handle 2Nos
Perforated brass swell plate with adjustable cap on handle 18Nos
Soaking tank for accommodating. 9 OR moulds 1No
High tensile steel calibrated proving rings of 1000 kg .2500kg and S000kgcapacity 1Set
Dial gauge 25mm travel -0.01mm/division . 12Nos
Standard penetration test equipment (AASHTOT 206) including solid cone attachment to fit drive 1No
Dynamic Cone penetrometer equipment 2Nos
Nuclear gauge for density and moisture content determination to the requirements of AASHTO238and239  1Set
Balloon testing apparatus for moisture testing 1Set
Speedy Moisture tester complete with carrying case and supply of reagent 2Nos
Sand equivalent apparatus complete along with chemicals to the requirements of IS 1Set
Reagent grade sodium sulphate for soundness test of aggregate chemical sodium sulphate to the requirements of AASHTO T- 104 30 kgs
Flakiness test gauge (to BS 812) . 1No
Post – hole Auger with extension .  1Set
pore cutter apparatus 10cm diameter of sand cone) to the requirements of ASTM D 1556, 10/1 Scum length height completewith 20kg hammer  1Set
Constant temperature bath for accommodating bitumen test specimen, electrically operated, and thermostatically, controlled stainless steel interior, 10 Lit. capacity, temperature range ambient to 80°C 1No
Bitumen penetrometer automatic type, including adjustable weight arrangement and needless to the requirements of AASHT_0_T49 1Set
Centrifuge type motorized bitumen extraction apparatus to the requirements of AASHTO T_164 with stock of solvent &_filter paper 1No
Bitumen laboratory mixer planetary action, 2litre capacity including required accessories electrically operated and fitted with heating jacket 1No
Marshall compaction apparatus to the requirements of AASTHO 245 as per ASTM 1559-62 T and complete with electrically operated automatic loading unit, compaction pedestal, heating unit, head breaking assembly, flow meter, load transfer  bar, specimen moulds 100mm diameter of sand cone) to the equirements of ASTM D 1556 with base plate, collars, specimen extractor, compaction hammer 4.53kg x 457 mm fall, (excluding constant temperature bath) 1 Set
Dial type thermometer reading 0-200°C range, accuracy 2°C 2No
Thin film oven test to the requirements of AASH0T 179, including accessories 1No
Ring and Ball Apparatus as per IS 1205 – 1978 1Set
B5 U – Tube Modified Reverse Flow Viscometer IS 1206 (Part 3)-1978 1Set
Apparatus for Determination of Ductility Test as per 1208 – 1978 1 Set
Pen SKY – Martens closed testers for testing flash and fire point as per IS 1209-1978 1Set
Apparatus for Float Test IS — 1978 . 1Set
Apparatus for determination of water content (Dean and shark Method) 151211-i 978 1 Set
Apparatus for Determination of Loss on Heating IS — 1212 1978 1Set
Apparatus for determination of specific Gravity IS-1202 1978 1 Set
String line arrangement when paving with sensor payers 4Sets
ROMDAS – Longitudinal profile calibration Device 1No
Towed fifth wheel Bump integrator 1No
Camber templates 3 -lane straight run cross-section 4 Sets
Vicat needle apparatus for setting time with plungers, as per IS-269-1968 1 Set
Gauging trowel having steel blade 100 to 150mm in length with straight edge weighing 210± l0gms. 4Nos
Cube moulds shall be of 70.60mm size confirming to IS: 10080-1982. 9Nos
Poking rod confirming to IS: 10080-1982 1No
Cube moulds 150 mnixl50 mm 90Nos
High frequency mortar cube vibrator for cement testing 1No
Concrete mixer power driven, 1 cu.ft.capacity 1No
Variable frequency and amplitude vibrating table size 1m,as per the relevant British Standard 1No
Flakiness index test apparatus as per B.S.812 1No
Elongation index test apparatus as per B.S.8 12 1No
Los-angels abrasion apparatus as per IS 2386 (Part 4)1963 1No
Flow table as per IS 712-1973 4Nos
Equipment for slump test (C-l43)/compacting factor Apparatus complete 1No
Equipment for determination of specific gravity for fine and coarse aggregate as per IS 2386(Part 3)1963 4Nos
Flexural attachment to compression testing machine 1No
Core cutting machine with 10cmdia diamond cuffing 1No
Needle vibrator 1No
Air entertainment meter ASTMC-23 1 1No
Cylinders for checking bulk density of aggregates with tamping rod 1 Set
Soundness testing apparatus for cement 1 Set
Chemicals solutions and consumable As reqd.
Chloride testing kit for chemical analysis of chloride content 1No
ION Exchange kit for rapid determination of sulphate content 1No
Concrete permeability apparatus 1 Set
Complete set up for determination of ten percent fines value 1 Set


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