Determination Of Fineness By Dry Sieving


  • IS: 4031 (Part 1)1996.


  • To determine the Fineness of cement by dry sieving


  • 90 microns IS Sieve.
  • Balance of capacity 500 grams and sensitivity 0.01 gram.
  • Nylon brush or pure bristle, preferably with 25 to 40 mm bristle, for cleaning the sieve.


  • Take representative sample of 10 grams (R1) of cement from the specified lot
  • Agitate the sample of cement to be tested by shaking for 2 minutes in a stoppered jar to disperse agglomerates wait 2 minutes and stir the resulting powder gently using a clean dry rod in order to distribute the fines throughout the cement.
  • Fit the tray under the sieve and place the sample on the sieve.
  • Fit the lid over the sieve, agitate the sieve by swirling, planetary and linear movement until no more fine material passes through it, Remove and weigh the residue (R 2).
  • Express its mass as a percentage of the total quantity.
  • Gently brush all the fine material of the base of sieve in to the fray.
  • Make at least two determinations for each test. 

Fineness of cement, (%) = (R2 / R1) x100

R1 = Weight of sample taken.
R2 = Weight of residue after sieving.


  • Report the individual and the mean results the nearest 0.1 percent
  • When the results differ by more than one percent absolute, carry out a third sieving and calculate the mean of the results.


  • Care shall be taken while sieving to avoid spilling of cement from the sieve.
  • Sieving shall be carried out manually by a skilled and experienced labour.




























































IS:4031 (Part 1)1996



Grade of Cement     :                                                                                                                               Date of testing         :

Batch No                 :



Description Units Test I Test 2 Average
Weight of the sample (R1) gins
Weight of residue after sieving (R2) gins
Fines of cement  = ( R2/R1 ) x 100 %
Specified Limit: 10% (Maximum)





















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