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Helptheengineer- Civil Engineering Home is an effort to bring civil engineering information resources online to share with fellow engineers. The portal helptheengineer is authored by Inderjit Sharma, who is a Civil Engineer and the founder of “Helptheengineer”. He has retired from the PWD department. This site was made for Facilitating/ educational purpose so as to help the professionals, fellow civil engineers/civil engineering students and to spread the knowledge about civil engineering and related topics. This site consists of general notes of all engineering fields, Punjab Common schedule of Rates, testing methods,  practical applications at the site and related field problems, etc which are specifically taken from my experiences by considering various books and journals along with the support of Volunteers.

Our goal is not just to create a blog but to spread a movement for better engineering and technology to help our society live a better life at a better and safer place and fulfill their needs for faster growth. This blog is dedicated to knowledge sharing. The engineering and technology can excel only when there is a source of knowledge sharing. So, I have come forward, for the cause of better of civil engineering, for the people and for the society. For Any Query You Can Mail Me [email protected] or can use the contact us form.

The owner of this site is thankful to his friends and Volunteers for their continuous support and feedback to make it a success.